Lies Within Lies
X-Files Fan Fiction
by Laura Castellano


I've written X-Files fic under a lot of different names for a lot of different reasons. Below is most of what I've written under all those names. Some is pretty bad and some is pretty good. Enjoy!



Adequate Moonlight (17K)
How wrong can dinner plans go?
Alive and Well and Living in Arizona (3K)
Mulder reminisces on a life once lived.
Bete Noire (87K)
There's a legend of a monster in the swamps along the Texas-Louisiana border. According to the National Enquirer, the monster has mated with humans and its offspring terrorize the small town bordering the river and its swamps.
Clarke House (95K)
"...silence lay steadily against the wood and stone of Hill House, and whatever walked there, walked alone."
A Fading Shimmer of Gold (50K)
Scully's pregnant and Mulder's back.
For the Good of Mankind (15K)
Mulder's determined to allow himself to be abducted for the good of mankind. Scully's determined to stop him.
Heavy Lifting (30k)
They've been stuck in an elevator for hours. Something has to give. Something does.
Into the Darkness (30k)
Light or dark. Life or death. Good or evil. All of life is made up of choices, and we have to live with every choice we make. Mulder knew, when he picked up the gun that morning, he was facing his destiny.
The Letter (172K)
An admirer from Scully's past resurfaces, and Mulder has to deal with him.
A Little Fall of Rain (24K)
In losing his Present, Mulder receives comfort from his Past.
Loose Ends (30K)
Scully's cancer has returned, and she devises a unique way of protecting Mulder from his enemies.
Mulder in the Morning (4K)
Scully's morningthoughts...
Southby (81K)
After an argument, Mulder and Scully decide to spend some time apart. Mulder visits a Texas coastal town, living in a cottage said to be haunted. Then, people begin to die.
Storms We Cannot Weather (30K)
In the dead of night, a car skids off the road.
Touch Me Once (6K)
Mulder's about to meet his new partner. He already knows he'll hate her. He hates what she stands for.
Timeless Seconds and Unseeing Eyes (9K)
Mulder knew the doll had been meant for Sam, the clock for himself...The doll looked on as best she could, possessing no eyes, and kept her own counsel. Mulder family secrets were her stock in trade.
Waiting for 216 (9K)
Mulder waits for Scully's flight to arrive. Winner 2003 Silver Sutures Award for Best Short Story


'Ahead of Twilight' Trilogy

Ahead of Twilight 1, 2, 3, 4
Convicted of a crime he did not commit, Mulder's life has changed irrevocably. Now he must depend on Skinner to help him recover from a horrible injustice.
Winner 1999 Purple Heart Award for Best Angst Story
Winner 2002 Silver Sutures Award for Best Angst Story
Winner 2002 Silver Sutures Award for Best Mulder/Scully Story
Fade to Midnight 1, 2
Ten years after Mulder's release from prison, an old acquaintance reappears in his life.
Forever Morning
Not everything dies.
Disappeared: Fighting Towards the Light
Mulder has been "disappeared" and he could never guess the evil of their plans for him.
Disappeared II: Resurfacing
They'll go back to their old lives, if they can.
Promised Land 1, 2
Mulder has returned, his child is about to be born, and the truth has never been more dangerous.
Verlassen 1, 2
The knowledge Mulder receives from an informant is more dangerous than ever before. How much will he sacrifice to guarantee Scully's safety?
Winner 1999 Purple Heart Award for Best Psychological Muldertorture Story
Winner 2003 Silver Sutures Award for Best Angst Story
Guarded Secrets
It's been two months since Mulder's return from Verlassen, and he is almost fully recovered. Just as things seem to be working out for the happy couple, danger strikes again from unexpected sources.
The 'Shadow' Trilogy
Shadow 1, 2
Mulder has a new friend...or does he?
Shadow II: Resurrection
She's back.
Shadow III: Haunting
Mulder and Scully both know he'll never survive another encounter with Nancy. This time, they'll make sure she's dead.

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