Boys Will Be Boys
Starsky & Hutch Fan Fiction
by Laura Castellano

After burning out on The X-Files, I thought I'd never be able to write again. Turned out I just needed some new inspiration. So after discovering a new old love--I was a huge fan of Starsky & Hutch when it first aired back in the Seventies--I found that I actually could still write. Not much here yet, but it will grow. I hope you enjoy!

The Stories

Insomnia (99K)
After Terry's death, Starsky finds himself unable to cope, but the solution that presents itself is worse than the pain.

Monster (16K)
Starsky is threatened in his apartment by an evil creature from South America.

The Stowaway (130K)

When Hutch plays with fire at a Halloween party, both partners wind up getting burned.

All the Fears of Childhood (29K)
Getting Starsky to the dentist is a tough job for Hutch. Getting him through the visit is even tougher.